Monthly Meetings

We have regular meetings with live presentations on topics of interest to woodworkers of all skill levels. Non-members are welcome to attend meetings as our guest to see what we're all about.

Library of Materials

With a membership to our guild you have access to our entire library of woodworking materials. Most holdings in our library are in digital format with DVDs and CDs checked out for member's use.  There are also traditional hardcopy books on all sorts of woodworking topics.


Often there is a field trip in June and every year there is a picnic at a park in Royal Oak on the second Sunday of August as well as an Annual Christmas Party gathering.


Professional presentations occur several times a year either at our regular meetings or scheduled in place of a regular meeting.  Usually there is a small charge above the annual dues for these presentations.  Even so, it has been said many times that these seminars, which include lunch, are the best deal in town. In addition, the regular meeting presentations on projects and techniques by other Guild members who are local expert woodworkers, provide lots of learning opportunities.


Mentoring can occur in a number of ways within the Guild. There is a series of workshops dedicated to the novice woodworker who needs help getting started. Everything from a small woodshop to a night stand is discussed and built. With only three or four members in each class the attention each person gets is fantastic.


Many Guild members build toys for patients at Childrens' Hospital in Detroit. In 2015 there were approximately 350 toys built and delivered to the hospital. The Guild was give a communnity service award in 2012 in recognition of this effort.

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Annual Member Showcase

A showcase where Guild members get to show off their work, whether finished or in process, to the public.


To sign up for the Michigan Woodworkers' Guild, all you need to do is fill out our quick form and either mail a check with your $25 payment or pay with our online form.