Getting Started in Woodworking

A series of workshops to teach fundamental woodworking skills.


Workshop #1 | Fitting out a basic shop & making a simple cutting board

Workshop #2 | Joinery, Making a Box, Finishing

Workshop #3 | Sharpening Basics, Block Plane Tune Up

Workshop #4 | Milling Lumber

Workshop #5 | Bookcase Project, Ripping & Cross Cutting Lumber

Workshop #6 | Bookcase Project Part 2

Workshop #7 | Building a Workbench

Workshop #8 | Building a Shaker Night Stand

Workshop #9 | Making a Nightstand 2

Workshop #10 | Making a Nightstand Part 3


This is a presentation on building a double paddle single person canoe using the Stripper  Technique. This PDF contains construction notes and has been used as the basis for mentoring numerous people building a stripper canoe.

>> Download Presentation