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Jerry Romito


I used to check the Forum daily, but after months of no one using it I stopped checking regularly. So sorry I missed your question. I personally do not use CAD. Although I am a retired mechanical engineer after 43 years, my early experience was on the drawing board for machine tool design, and my later years was managing dozens of engineers who all used AutoCAD 3D Inventor Pro. So I know full well the tremendous capabilities of 3D CAD. Having said that, I still draw my own projects by hand. But I am well aware that there is a large universe of woodworkers now using the free SketchUp Maker 17 software, and one would think that I should gravitate to that, but oh well. I am not familiar at all with Fusion. I know that you were on our Zoom CAD meeting, so hopefully you got a bit more insight.

Jerry Romito