Special Toy Projects

Many Guild members build toys for patients at Childrens' Hospital in Detroit. In 2018 there were 571 toys built and delivered to the hospital. The Guild was given a communnity service award in 2012 in recognition of its efforts on behalf of the Children's Hospital.

>> Toy Guidelines for Childrens' Hospital

>> Certified Toy Finishes

Clicking on link for plans below will provide a PDF drawing with dimensions for the toy.

Members are welcome to submit toy designs via email to Toy Design Chair Ron Ross. By submitting your designs, you agree to the Policies and Procedures of the Guild.

Toy Designs

MWG Donation Labels

MWG Donation Labels Plans

Flatbed/Tanker Truck

Flatbed/Tanker Truck Plans

Ford Coupe

Ford Coupe Plans

GT Car

GT Car Plans


Helicopter Plans

Race Car

Race Car Plans


Runabout Plans


Sailboat Plans


Airplane Plans

Sports Car

Sports Car Plans

Tug Boat

Tug Boat Plans

VW Car

VW Car Plans

Whale Pull Toy

Whale Pull Toy Plans


Van Plans


Dragster Plans

Sprint Car

Sprint Car Plans

Station Wagon

Station Wagon Plans

F-150 Pickup Truck

F-150 Pickup Truck Plans

Dump Truck

Dump Truck Plans

Bergs Race Car

Bergs Race Car Plans

Bergs Sea Plane

Bergs Sea Plane Plans

Dans Flatbed Dueley Semi

Dans Flatbed Dueley Semi Plans

Dans Flatbed Semi

Dans Flatbed Semi Plans

Dans Road Grader

Dans Road Grader Plans

My First Toolbox

My First Toolbox Plans

Bill Damicos Tow Truck

Bill Damicos Tow Truck Plans

Grass Hopper Pull Toy

Grass Hopper Pull Toy Plans

MWG Tow Truck

MWG Tow Truck Plans